EEG studies on horses

for the benefit of both horse and rider

The FIAE uses electroencephalographic (EEG) techniques in combination with simultaneous video recordings to analyse brain activity and behavioural response.   Our understanding of the workings of the central nervous system is based on the scientific evaluation of brain wave frequency spectra and is supported by statistical analysis.  The effects on horses of the conditions under which they are kept, their training programmes, rider behaviour and the application of riding accessories or wellness products are reflected in brain activity and can therefore be tested and improved on the basis of EEG analysis.

Equine electroencephalography (E-EEG) is a technique which can be used to examine horses in their alert condition and in their familiar environments. These techniques are opening up new perspectives in the research, diagnosis and treatment of both physical disorders and psychic dysfunction. 

Brainwave activity of a horse in the stressed condition
Brainwave activity of a horse in the unstressed condition