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At the FIAE, electroencephalographic (EEG) techniques and behaviour analysis are used to study the performance of riders and horses active in the field of equestrian sport.

Modern research techniques such as digital, quantitative electroencephalography (EEG) are increasing our knowledge of the way in which the brain works.  EEG techniques are non-invasive procedures which allow precise measurement of the frequencies generated by brainwave activity.  The techniques involve the recording of brain currents and the subsequent computer-based analysis of brainwave frequency spectra (brain mapping). When used in conjunction with biometric procedures, EEG techniques provide an insight into the way conscious and unconscious sensory perceptions are processed by the central nervous system over longer periods of time. Emotional reactions to external stimuli – such as those associated with changes in attentiveness level, the release of tension, anxiety, fitfulness and pain – are quantifiable and lend themselves to scientific analysis and evaluation.